Green Hell Roadmap Promises Story, Co-Op, and More Ways to Die

The Survival Game Is Only Getting Bigger and Deadlier

The folks over at Creepy Jar ard hard at work to deliver a comprehensive survival experience with Green Hell. The game is still in Early Access, with many features subject to change. In order to avoid the pitfalls of Early Access, and for transparency’s sake, the developer has decided to release a roadmap.

Green Hell

Green Hell will receive a series of updates over the seasons. Want human enemies? You got ’em. Looking forward to some new wildlife? Well, they’re coming to eat you on land and in the water. The road to official release is paved with all sorts of new content, even a fully realized story mode that will bring a new area. Thus, by Spring 2019, the experience may be unrecognizable from its first days on Steam.

“We understand that many Early Access games are left in limbo with updates that are few and far between,” the developer said in a press release. “Inspired by our players and community, we are striving to make timely updates that matter, but never at the cost of quality to the game. Taking into account the massive amount of feedback and all the inspiration provided by the community, the full story mode is moving slightly forward to give us the time we need to implement as many suggestions as possible.

“From day one, Creepy Jar has endeavoured to make the best experience possible for our players with the focus being an engrossing, challenging single player game. True to our word, the push to 1.0 will see many requested features come to light but there was one constant request that we could no longer ignore. After polishing Green Hell to be a truly captivating single player game, we will work to deliver a properly instituted co-op mode.”

Below, you will find the comprehensive roadmap of changes and improvements for Green Hell.

Autumn 2018

Animals Update

  • New animals
  • New building types
  • New plants
  • New challenge scenario: Hunter

Water Update

  • New map area
  • New water animals
  • Swimming and diving
  • Fishing
  • Fish Traps
  • New water plants
  • New challenge scenario: Angler

Winter 2018/19

Combat Update

  • New human enemy
  • Armor system
  • Human traps
  • AI behaviors
  • AI damage system
  • New challenge scenario

Mud Building Update

  • Mud constructions
  • Forging
  • New items and crafts
  • New challenge scenario

Story Mode Update

  • Full story mode
  • New map areas
  • New human enemy
  • New challenge scenario

Spring 2019

Co-Op Mode Update

Green Hell is available now for PC via Steam. Simply bookmark us if you want to check back for the updates in progress, as well as additional gaming news, deals, and reviews.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release