Nightingale Shows Off Survival In New Trailer

Step Into the Realms 

It is time to bear witness to the Fae realms. Begging for exploration, these realms are vibrant and full of life. Yet, they are also crawling with danger. Surviving is no easy task, but if you are to become a Realm Walker, you will need to find a way. Today, Inflexion Games is giving players a better look at surviving in their survival adventure game, Nightingale, in a new trailer. The trailer, an extended gameplay overview, allows players to see what they can expect in the game. Of course, the new trailer shows off some of the different realms, creatures, weapons, and more that players will encounter in game. 

nightingale survival crafting game

Nightingale allows players to become a Realm Walker. Following cataclysmic events on Earth, players become stuck in the Fae Realms. The arcane portal that brings them here collapses behind them, leaving them stranded and desperate to survive. Of course, survival falls to the player. Here in the realms, players will need to build shelters, craft weaponry, and tame animals. However, there is not only one realm. The ever-shifting landscape itself will provide players with challenges that they must overcome and adapt too. If players can survive out there in the realms, they may get lucky and find the last human city of Nightingale.

Of course, the new gameplay overview trailer for Nightingale gives players a better look at the worlds of the game. Check it out below.

Nightingale is set to enter Early Access on Steam on February 20th.