Withering Rooms Gets Horrific in April

Nothing Stays the Same

Step into a Victorian manor. Here, nothing is as it seems and the things that go bump in the night are very real. In fact, zombies, spirits, and mad men lurk the halls. Yet, the halls are never the same twice. Are you brave enough to step into this nightmare? Today,  Moonless Formless and Perp Games are happy to announce that their 2.5D horror adventure, Withering Rooms, is releasing in April. Coming to PC and consoles, the game invites players to enter the Mostyn House. This massive Victorian mansion is home to all manner of strange and horrifying monsters. Yet, the monsters are far from the strangest thing here. Of course, a release date trailer gives players a glimpse at the game. 

Withering Rooms

Withering Rooms allows players to enter a strange, procedurally generated, mansion. Here, players will find that every night the mansion changes. Furthermore, it is full of horrifying monsters and mad men. Luckily, players will be able to amass their own arsenal of weapons, distractions, magical artifacts and more. Combining elements of exploration, adventure, and horror, the game allows players to truly explore the mansion in 2.5D animation. Importantly, players will be able to meet an entire cast of strange characters. For instance,  friends, merchants, liars, and witches all reside in the manor, and each have their own aims and ambitions.

Importantly, a release date trailer gives players a glimpse of Withering Rooms. Check out the horror that awaits in the manor below. Additionally, the trailer shows off the unique art style of the manor and its denizens.

Withering Rooms is releasing for PC via Steam and consoles on April 2nd. Currently the game is available in Early Access on Steam.