Exorder Marches Strategy To Xbox

A Sharp Mind and Sharper Blade

The king is dead. The kingdom is in complete disarray and needs a ruler. That is where Princess Beyla comes in. While many opposing armies gather their strength and come to fight for the throne, its up to you to make sure Beyla comes out on top. Today, No Gravity Games is happy to announce that their strategy game, Exorder, has arrived on Xbox consoles. Inviting players to a turn-based strategy adventure, the game places emphasis on player understanding and creativity. With a dozen different missions, players can look for the smartest and most powerful ways to achieve victory. An Xbox launch trailer gives gamers a glimpse of the gameplay that awaits them. 


Exorder places players in command of the armies of Princess Beyla. An heir to the throne of Cerulean, Beyla must now fight against those who seek the throne in her father’s death. Leading her army, players will need to familiarize themselves with every type of soldier, how they fight, their abilities, and movement.  Because they are going to need to put them to use. Importantly, the game engages players in tile-based turn-based combat. Of course, players will have a chance to use their units to their full extent, planning out moves in advance to defeat increasingly difficult enemies. As such, players will follow Beyla threough 12 different missions, each with their own unique and colorful settings full of fantastical characters.

Interestingly, the Xbox launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the game. Check it out below.

Exorder is available now on Xbox consoles with a 20% discount.