Dragon Age Writer Vividly Describes Favorite Character Dream Dates

The Dates That Never Were

As a lover of stories, I spend my Valentine’s day in appreciation of some of the best gaming has offered. We’re taking a few pages from a former BioWare writer’s hypothetical book to learn about dream dates with our favorite Dragon Age characters.

Dragon AGe

David Gaider was former lead writer/narrative designer at BioWare. Had had a hand in the decimation of the Darkspawn and the demonic invasion of Thedas. Today, Valentine’s Day, he decided to share what the dream dates with some of our favorite Dragon Age characters would look like. He goes into vivid detail over on Twitter, after one user asked him what a date with Alistair would look like.

Alistar was a fantastic bro in Dragon Age: Origins, but rarely seemed like the romantic type (unless you romanced him, I guess). That said, it was just as hard to imagine him as king, but it happens if you make it happen. Even so, he will always be a goofball, which is why Gaider’s description seems spot-on. After Alistair, he moved on to a character that’s a little less digestible.

Fenris, in Dragon Age 2, is basically the bad boy every girl wants to chance. It’s hard to do and hardly seems worth it at the end. Stubborn, unbroken, and with a great head of hair, he’ll eventually come around if you give something up. In the case of Dragon Age 2, it’s the Circle of Magi.

Dragon Age

Dorian is definitely an exquisite mage and a fun character to be around in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In many ways, he’s every lady’s dream; too bad he doesn’t swing that way. Zevran, on the other hand, is a sexy elf devil who has too much love to give. He appears in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.

Cassandra was my favorite tank in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and her endurance moves in tandem with her hard exterior. But like many of the best dates, she has a soft spot for something. I’d say Gaider’s dream date captures her perfectly.

Then there’s Morrigan…

Morrigan may have been one of the better romances in the series, probably because she’s a witch enshrouded in shades of grey. I could talk forever about the game, but I won’t and neither can Gaiden. BioWare’s former writer has received several requests for more hypothetical dream dates, but as he states, he can’t speak for the characters he didn’t write. We should give a special thanks to fanbyte.com for initiating this topic.

With the impending arrival of Anthem, we can probably expect BioWare to enter full production of the next Dragon Age. Expect updates later in the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

SOURCE: Twitter