Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses Its Longtime Creative Director

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Design Team Will Now Be Led by Five People

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Creative Director has left the studio. Charles Boyd, a 16-year Bioware veteran has announced to the gaming public that he is leaving both the game and the studio. Bioware laid out a five-person “design leadership team” who will help shape its future.

Charles Boyd leaves SWTOR in excellent hands with an incredible team that will carry forward our vision for the game,said Bioware General Manager Gary McKay. “We are committed to SWTOR’s future as we continue to work on the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

star wars the old republic loses longtime creative director

Boyd’s decision to leave followed the loss of multiple senior staff members who were reportedly working on Dragon Age 4. Bioware did not specify who will take his spot as Creative Director. However, the studio did list five people who are stepping up to the Star Wars: The Old Republic design leadership team. These people “played pivotal roles in making the experience as special as it is.”

This new team is comprised of Star Wars: The Old Republic vets. They will be responsible for charting out a course for the game following Boyd’s departure on August 5th. 

Boyd confirmed last year that the game is far from over and actually still has a lot of fuel left in its tank. However, the gaming community is well aware that its most recent expansion turned out to be a disappointment. Some of its key parts even remained broken weeks after its launch. With that said, it is best for fans to keep their expectations in check.

Now that Boyd is gone from the picture, Bioware plans to keep the franchise afloat with enough competent players who can certainly do the job. However, it. has become apparent that it is not an EA investment priority at the moment.

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