Bungie Unlocks Viciously Complex Puzzle in Destiny 2

Not Destined to Be Solved

Destiny 2 waded through the waves of disappointed fans and may find itself back on the rocks. After the latest Forsaken expansion, the studio elected a new service route that drops off new content over time. With Niobe Labs, another piece of DLC, players had to solve a puzzle with the promise of rewards at the end. Many hours later, the puzzle proved too difficult (or obtuse), so the dev has gone ahead and unlocked it.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

So the idea with Destiny 2’s new DLC model is that players inherit more features and unlockables in increments. Instead of one explosive batch of DLC, Guardians maintain a steady laundry list of events, quests, and overly complicated puzzles, apparently. The Berusia Forge was next in line, once the Niobe Labs were solved. Too bad, nobody could solve it. As of January 9, 2 PM, the content has been unlocked.

While it’s great that Bungie recognized a problem and addressed it, the futility of it all may have left a sour taste in the community’s mouth. Over on the Subreddit, there are threads of players who attest to 20+ hours of attempts to solve Niobe Labs. If the Twitch viewer count is any indication (thanks, Destructoid), the drop rate of new content hasn’t stemmed a player drop off. Since a roadmap of time-gated content has already been revealed for 2019, I’ll be fascinated to see how Destiny 2 balances the supply with demand and feedback. Now that Activision has declared their disappointment, does it really matter?

Who knows, we might see some surprising additions to Destiny 2: Forsaken in 2019. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment down below.

SOURCE: Destructoid