Mortal Kombat XI Cover Art Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Just Get Over Here

Ever since the reveal of Mortal Kombat XI at The Game Awards, producer and community homeboy Ed Boon has teased fans with what’s to come. To kick things off, he revealed the game’s cover art on Twitter.

If you’ve owned Mortal Kombat games, especially any recent entries, then you can probably predict who’s on the cover. Heck, if you’ve seen trailers, you know who’s on the cover. I don’t even have to say it because you already know who it is. If you need a clue, however, it’s not Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Shao Khan, or Reptile… Just look at Mr. Boon’s tweet down below.

Now, if NetherRealm studios truly wanted to blow our minds, they would publish multiple editions of the game with different characters and covers. In the tweet, we have Scorpion lunging with his Kunai in a yellow-lighted background. And I’m not trying to take anything away from it; the whole shoot looks pretty epic. Now they just need to apply the same treatment to other characters, as they did with Injustice 2’s unique covers.

Stay tuned for the official January reveal of Mortal Kombat XI in LA, next week, on January 11. Once the first characters are revealed (not counting Shao Khan), we can probably expect weekly announcements for more members and additional gameplay features leading up to release. That’s one of the best aspects of a NetherRealm game; the announcements just keep going.