Outlast Earns No Scares with Blindfolded Speedrun

See no evil

Outlast is a scary game. I have it downloaded, but won’t play it because of that. One speedrunner has figured it out though. If you can’t see, the game can’t spook you. Brilliant! Genius! Speedrunner AcrohTheBeast ran past all the jump-scares and spooks in a blindfolded speedrun. I was hoping to see a blindfolded run where he navigates all the hide-n-seek sections, but we have to remember he’s trying to find the quickest route to the end. He skips from the outside of the asylum right to the last area of the game.

blindfolded speedrun

The final time was 10:24, giving him number one as the fastest blindfold run. His best non-blindfolded run clocks in at just under 9:20. He currently holds twenty-second in the world. If his blindfolded run was ranked on the regular leaderboard, it would rank as 117th. Regardless of the times and titles, a blindfolded speedrun of any game is impressive in its own right. 

How does he do it?!

Arcoh appears to be making full use of all the sound cues the game has to offer. When it comes to doorways and places where a player might get stuck, he gives his mouse a little shake while he’s moving to make sure he gets where he needs to go. Other than that, memorization and precise movement are what is most impressive. If I want to be nitpicky, there was one jump he messed up where I thought “Oh, what’s he going to do now?” but they way he re-positioned and tried again, succeeding the second time. Even if Acroh was not blindfolded, he produced a solid run of the game and deserves all the props.

What did you think of the run? Do you think scary games would be easier if you can’t see? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku