Red Barrel Seeking Test Subjects for The Outlast Trials Closed Beta

Let the Trials Begin 

Prepare to enter the universe of Outlast once again. This time, as your own character. Today, Red Barrel is happy to announce the closed beta for their upcoming horror game, The Outlast Trials. Experience a new twist on the horror Outlast has brought to fans. This team, the danger is more personal. A press release provides more details on the game, as well as, what is coming with the beta. Furthermore, the closed beta trailer allows players to get a glimpse of what’s in store for them. 

The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials places players, once again, in the clutches of the shadowy Murkoff Corporation. Imprisoned in a top secret facility players will endure a series of horrific physical and mental challenges. Of course, players can choose to go in alone or with a small group. Either way, they will need to see if they can maintain their sanity. Facing off against iconic characters from the Outlast series, it’s up to players to survive the trials. 

The closed beta of the game includes a fair bit of content. For example, the tutorial level, the sleep room (main lobby), character customization, and one trial. Importantly, there is enough in the beta to allow players to get the feel for the game. Additionally, players can check out the beta trailer for a hint of what they can expect. Of course, the trailer is age restricted. 

The Outlast Trials closed beta is out now with players able to request access on Steam. Currently there is no release date for the full game. So, are you ready to jump back into the hell of the Outlast universe?