F1 Manager 2022’s Next Update Will Be the Last

F1 Manager 2022 Will No Longer Have Major Updates

Frontier Developments has revealed to the gaming community that they are no longer releasing any major updates for F1 Manager 2022. The game was launched on August 30th. It is the first installment for the franchise since EA’s F1 Manager back in 2000.

This next update for F1 Manager 2022 will be the last significant update that addresses player-reported feedback or suggested changes and additions,” Community Manager Chris Groves said. “Any potential updates following this would be minor patches that do not noticeably affect gameplay.”

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Apparently, the development team wants to “move fully onto projects beyond F1 Manger 2022 after this upcoming update.” This is “to ensure upcoming F1 Manager projects realize their potential and meet the expectations of both our tea and our community.”

This move from Frontier just goes to show that they listen to what their fans have to say. “Ever since we started to form the F1 Manager community we have listened to and taken actions on your feedback and opinions whenever possible,” they continued. “That will not be changing.”

They want to assure F1 Manager 2022 fans that they will continue to prioritize key reports and requests from fans. They want to continue doing this “as we create future iterations in this franchise.”

Although some fans are pleased with this decision, some others have a negative reaction. According to those who disagree, the game feels unfinished and was only just starting to reach the standard that they wanted it to reach.

“This is what we should have had on release and the game is still very shallow,” said one fan. “All the teams and drivers feel the same—all my saves feel the same.”

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