Happy Holidays From Just, All The Developers

Check Out This Heaping Helping of Season’s Greetings

Merry Holi-Chris-day-mas and Season’s Greetings! As is tradition, developers and publishers all over the globe are bringing festive joy with just a tinge of self-promotion. And what could be more Christmas than baldfaced consumerism decked out in red and green? Nothing, that’s what.

Happy Holidays

If you’re into Yule Logs, Naughty Dog has a burning car to put in the background of your Xmas celebrations. There’s also a whole slew of Christmas cards to choose from. Bubsy the Bobcat, the team at Sega, Bend Studio (the folks behind Days Gone), and even DOOM is getting in on the holiday spirit.

If you’re looking for more, Dualshockers has a ton of them gathered up. There’s also events in various games that are helping celebrate the Christmas spirit. Frostpunk has a holiday quest that is almost certainly too bleak to finish. Hitman 2 let’s you dress up as Santa while hunting down sweet Christmas loot (as well as murdering people in the guise of Saint Nick). Pokemon GO is doing an event that hopefully doesn’t involve too much wandering around in the dead of winter. No matter what you do to get in the Christmas spirit, the wide and wonderful world of Video Games probably has an outlet.