GOG’s Winter Sale Includes “1900 Offers”, Which Is Ridiculous

Find Deals on Witcher Games, Indies, and Classics

We’re at the time of the year where shelves should be empty, but that doesn’t apply to digital storefronts. GOG, the PC distribution center, has entered into the spirit of the holidays with a sale of its own. According to an official press release, the site has 1900 plus offers on games, which is ridiculous. Fortunately, they’ve brought us some highlights.

GOG game streaming

GOG’s list of discounted games includes many of this year’s best indies. Of course, since the site is owned by CD Projekt RED, there are some fantastic discounts on the Witcher franchise. Everyone has from now, December 13, until January 3rd to make the most of these PC deals. The sale spans so many games that, even if with a humble PC, players are bound to find a compatible release.

Sales Highlights:

Many more titles await purchase on the GOG site. There are pages and pages of newly released titles, retro games, and critically acclaimed works from every genre.