PUBG Has Now Banned Over 13 Million Cheaters

PUBG Has Been Fighting Hard Against Hackers

PUBG has been struggling with hackers for a long time. And for the last 16 months, the developers have been posting the accounts of permanently banned players each week—a number that is now a whopping 13 million, according to Reddit user skj045.


Using information from the Official Korean Plunkbat blog, skj045 was able to come to the 13 million total and even create a graph that shows a spike of 1 million bans that took place in a single week. Since that point, the ban rate seems to be continuing on a steady decline. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are less cheaters—it could reflect a general fall in player count.

As of June, PUBG had sold 50 million copies, which makes 13 million a pretty high percentage for cheaters. But it’s also likely that many of these players just bought the game again after being banned.

PUBG’s recent update comes with the addition of a new anti-cheat system, although as of now opting in is voluntary. Players that decide to opt-in help the developers as they refine the system until it’s ready to become a mandatory addition to the game. Along with the anti-cheat system, the new update came with the addition of region locking, a ranked system, and the return of map selection.