Analyst: Dragon Quest XI Had ‘The Biggest Launch Month In Franchise History’

Just In Case You Were Worried About Dragon Quest XI’s Sales

Dragon Quest XI had “the biggest launch month in franchise history”, according to an analyst who works for the market research company, The NPD Group.

Dragon Quest XI

“Some folks asking about Dragon Quest XI… it was the biggest launch month in franchise history with dollar sales more than double the previous best, [Dragon Quest IX],” tweeted NPD analyst Mat Piscatella on Tuesday.

Dragon Quest XI launched worldwide last month and received glowing reviews. Our reviewer wrote that he “had a blast” playing the game and described it as “an easy recommendation” for both longtime fans & newcomers.

“I had a blast playing this game. The Dragon Quest series might evolve a bit slowly for some people, but I’m perfectly satisfied with this pace,” our review read. “Every nostalgic note resonates with gorgeous clarity, be it the monsters, the weapons or the aesthetics. While some attempts at growth fall flat, others expertly hit their mark.”

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