Excalibur Games Announce New Post Office Simulator: Willowbrooke Post

Get Ready to Lick Some Stamps

Willowbrooke Post, the new post office simulator from UK-based games publishers Excalibur Games, has been announced at this year’s EGX!

Willowbrooke Post

After your parents unexpectedly leave under some mysterious circumstances you have to return to your hometown of Willowbrooke to run their post office for a year.

This means you’ll be doing all the things you put off in real life: stamping letters to approve them for sending, wrapping parcels for delivery, writing and sending letters, and sort through the junk mail.

Willowbrooke Post

However, these chores come with certain moral choices to spice things up a little. If you receive a parcel that looks a bit dodgy, you can choose to open it and make sure it isn’t ticking. But if you do that and it turns out to just be an innocent present in shoddy wrapping, the reputation of your post office will start to go down with all the characters in Willowbrooke.

The story behind Willowbrooke Post is driven through these interactions you have from different the characters of the town. You’ll have a handful of characters coming and going from your post office, some of which are recurring characters that eventually develop their own opinion of you.

Their opinion changes based on the interactions you have with them. You can talk to them in person, call them up to talk, and even write them a sweet letter. The scale for their opinions ranges from absolutely adoring you, to absolutely despising you and eventually leaving the town just to get away from you.

The story hinges on you successfully running the post office and doing your very best to not run everyone out of Willowbrooke and completely destroy the family business.

The game is out in early access on Steam at some point at the start of 2019.