Break Out Your Polo Shirts and Golf Carts – Resort Boss: Golf

It’s Not All About Slaying Dragons and Shooting Robots

What’s Tiger Woods’ favourite club? Any kind where he can meet a woman with which to cheat on his wife! Anyway, Resort Boss: Golf allows players to manage their own golf resort. The best part: they can play their own courses. Like other tycoon games, the player starts with a single building clubhouse and builds themselves up to a resort giant. If the stress of saving the world or topping the online leaderboards is getting under your skin, Resort Boss: Golf might be right up your alley.

Resort Boss: Golf

What’s Tiger Woods’ favourite type of wedge? Pitching wedge, sand wedge, or the wedge he drives between his personal life and his professional life with infidelity? Players can avoid all that drama by designing their own courses. Choices between sand traps, water hazards, greenery, and roughage are all available to designers. If you like hills and angles, as opposed to flat courses, there are also tools for manipulating the terrain to your specifications. Resort Boss: Golf is being published by Excalibur Games. They released a trailer for their upcoming game on January 9th. Check out the details of the game on Steam, which slates its release for February 14th, the day of golf.

Ahh, golf. The only sport that comes with a slave, I mean caddy. It’s not all just playing golf though. You will have a resort to run. That means hiring staff, designing, pricing, and selling merchandise. You’ll need a good vacation spot after all this work. Luckily, you’ll be in charge of all that. Resort Boss: Golf is in early access right now, but soon enough you’ll be able to design golf courses good enough for presidents to use when they should be working!

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Source: PC Gamer