Make the Ultimate Potion Clerk With Shoppe Keep 2 Character Creator Today

Adventurers Always Need More Stuff

Look, not everyone gets to be the hero with the shiny new sword and the prophecy named after them. Someone had to sell captain protagonist that weapon, after all. Shoppe Keep 2 will offer an in-depth look into the life of an item vendor when it hits Steam Early Access this April. Until then, you can assemble the perfect potion-slinging merchant with their character creator!

Shoppe Keep 2

Available right this moment on the game’s Steam page, curious players can download the preview and put together the perfect avatar of fantasy wheeling and dealing. Afterwards, you can share your creation on Twitter and Instagram with the #WeAreKeepers tag for a chance at fame and glory. One lucky participant, randomly chosen, will win a 3D-printed model of their Keep creation!

This means of course, that there’s a chance a totally ridiculous shopkeeper will be immortalized by the developers. The sequel to the 2015 original will include online multiplayer, letting friends come together to run an item shop stocked with magical items, weapons and armour. The game will launch on Early Access on April 26th, 2018. Until then, there’s always the character creator to keep you busy. Check out the trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release