Battlefield V’s Royale Mode Is Called “Firestorm”; Here’s What Else Is New

Behold Battlefield V, Ladies and Gents

There’s a bit of a wait time since EA has decided to delay Battlefield V‘s initial release date. That’s probably for the best, however, if it means a better game in the end. As a little snippet of what’s to come, EA DICE has released a new trailer: “This is Battlefield V.” It’s over six minutes long and delves into everything that makes this installment unique.

Battlefield V Closed Alpha

Below, you’ll find a summary of what the new video has to offer. The developer has made this information known previously, but they’ve offered a little more insight.


  • Tides of War – Multiplayer now comes with all-out warfare across multiple modes, with a new emphasis on tactical gameplay.
  • Grand Operations – This new game mode is all about the historical battles. We’ll see a variety of settings with a different take. For example, players will be able to participate in one of the biggest tank battles in North Africa. And, as teased previously, there will be Airborne strikes in which players parachute onto the battlefield.
  • Firestorm  Battlefield V‘s take on the Battle Royale genre gets more details: it’s a last-man-standing match between 16 teams of 4, in the largest Battlefield map ever.

Core Gameplay Changes

  • Squad Play is more important than ever and requires more coordination in order to gain the upper hand.
  • Movement is more fluid than ever, thanks to combat vaulting, sprinting in various positions, and sliding.
  • Gun Play in Battlefield V offers more controllable weapon recoil and precision.
  • Destruction has been reworked so that buildings blown from the inside will now scatter debris in all directions. In addition, high-caliber rounds can now pierce through walls and chip away at defenses.
  • Fortifications can now be constructed and used to replace destroyed walls. Every player has a kit that allows them to create their own cover or fortify a strong point.
  • War Stories returns to offer several unique perspectives on World War 2; players will experience through the war in a campaign that spans several regions.

Battlefield V launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 19, 2018. Stay tuned for beta details when they arrive.