Battlefield 2024 Latest Blog Gives Insight Into Upcoming Content For 2023

Battlefield 2024 Latest Blog Gives Insight Into Upcoming Content For 2023

The Battlefield franchise is a staple in the gaming industry and DICE released the latest game, Battlefield 2042, last year. The game, at its release, was heavily criticized by fans, however, the developers are working on improving the game and releasing content. Today, the team has unveiled some details of its plans for 2023 including Season 4 and the fact that Season 5 will be releasing. The game is available today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

battlefield 2042 devs learned valuable lessons

Players can look forward to the release of Discarded, a map, in Season 4 while Season 3 offers a new version of Manifest. Moreover, Season 3.2, which introduces Breakaway and the reintroduction of classes into the game. Moreover, in Season 4, players can get their hands on the Recon Specialist, which will be the final one in the game. Season 4 will release in early 2023 and mark the end of the game’s Year 1 cycle. Additionally, the team is working on Season 5 and intends to lean more into previous titles in the franchise. It will include a new map, hardware, battle pass and more.

Ryan McArthur, Senior Producer for the game, stated in closing, “Battlefield 2042 sets up the future for a franchise that we are all-in on. We will continue to listen to you, and learn from you, to inform the work being done...” It is clear that the team is working hard on improving the game and saving the franchise.

What are your thoughts on the Battlefield franchise? What do you think about Battlefield 2042? Have you tried the game since its release? Are you interested in returning to the game? Are you enjoying the fresh content thus far? What do you think about Season 4 and Season 5 content? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.