‘Adults Only’ Game Negligee Love Stories Coming to Steam

Boy That Didn’t Take  Long

Remember when Steam was cracking down on games for being too dang lewd? It looks like those days are behind us. As a result, publishers and developers are starting to bring more sexually explicit content to Steam. In fact one of the first 100% uncensored games is already here!

Negligee: Love Stories

Negligee: Love Stories is hitting Steam this Friday, opening the floodgates for just, so much porn. While the Steam mods will likely still have certain standards, Love Stories is releasing with the following content intact:

Negligee: Love Stories features four story-lines that frequently include dialogue of sexual themes, sexual interactions and nudity and through them illustrations featuring nudity, undressing and sexual interactions as well.

The four stories include male and female sexual relations, female and female sexual relations, themes relating to pressured sexual relationships, themes relating to nymphomania, themes relating to adult sex workers, themes relating to abusive marriages and adultery.

Scenes within the game include illustrated and dialogue descriptions of male and female single partner sexual relationships, modelling, outdoor sexual activity, male and female multiple partner sexual activity and female and female single partner sexual relationships.

Surely this won’t lead to an absolute cavalcade of adult games on the market’s largest digital games distributor. Remember, if you’re looking for this kind of content on Steam (not that you would be, you fine upright citizen you), all you have to do is make sure the new content filters are set up on your account.