Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition, New Amiibos Announced

Smash Bros. Loot Abound!

Shortly before today’s Smash Bros. dedicated livestream, Nintendo announced a fancy new collector’s edition for the December-bound brawler on Twitter.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Collector's Edition Nintendo

The sleek looking box contains the game itself and a fancy new Gamecube controller and Switch adapter. A price point has yet to be announced, but it’ll launch alongside the standard edition this December. Nintendo of Europe also announced after the stream that today’s newly announced characters will all be getting their own Super Smash Bros. Ultimate series Amiibos, alongside the Amiibos announced at E3 and a couple that have yet to be given release dates, Pichu and Ice Climbers.

Be sure to check out our coverage of the game’s official reveal from E3, and Sakurai’s concerns regarding the future of the series post-Ultimate. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches this December 7th exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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SOURCE: Twitter