60 Parsecs! Launching Next Month

Finally, A Release Date!

After what seemed like an eternity of scant details and nebulous release windows, we finally know when 60 Parsecs! is coming out. And it’s ever so soon, too! Robot Gentleman’s desperate space sim is coming to steam on September 18th.

60 parsecs 60 seconds

If you haven’t been following along, 60 Parsecs! is all about extended periods of survival after a single frantic bout of scavenging. We all make terrible decisions under pressure, which is something the game is counting on. How long can you survive the cold depths of space on canned soup and nothing? What an unfortunate staple to try and subsist on in zero gravity. Little alphabet pasta pieces floating into sensitive equipment. Cold globules of tomato base hitting you in the face. Truly unpleasant.

Along with the release date, Robot Gentleman has a new trailer to show off. They’ve also been kind enough to tell you the odds, which aren’t great. But that’s half the fun, right? Who knows what sort of horrendous yet hilarious end your crew will meet this time around. Brain slugs? Black holes? Microwaved by lasers like a convenience store burrito? The possibilities are both endless and awfully amusing. I mean, they sort of have to be. When death is this common, it’s better to embrace it like a good friend, after all. Grok that tasty trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release