Splinter Cell Listing Appears on Amazon Italy

It’s Definitely A Placeholder, But Still

Splinter Cell is one of those franchises that gets fans salivating more or less the moment it pops up, no matter what form that appearance may take. In this case, an image-less appearance on Italian Amazon which is most certainly just a placeholder for an unannounced game.

Ubisoft Club Splinter Cell

Although we haven’t seen anything whatsoever beyond the franchise name and the price, separate listings have appeared for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, it’s worth noting that the price looks like high enough to be a full-blown entry (as opposed to a remaster). This is nothing short of the wildest possible speculation however, so it’s grains of salt for everyone.

After the infamous Walmart leak, it was assumed we’d see more of this game at E3 this year. On the other hand, there were a whole bunch of titles included in that leak that have yet to make a further appearance. Other rumors suggest that the newest entry in the Splinter Cell series was in fact at E3, the game was just too stealthy to be noticed by fans. There are a couple more major events happening this year, so it’s possible we’ll still see some more of this mysterious title before 2018 is out.