Walmart Attributes E3 Leaks to Glitch; Says Titles Were ‘Speculative’

Apparently, Walmart Doesn’t Know What Will Be Announced at e3 2018

Everyone will remember the day Walmart Canada leaked a library of video game titles that had yet to be officially announced. Last week, users suddenly discovered games like Borderlands 3Splinter Cell, and, most notably, Rage 2 on the company website. The company has since spoken up about the leak, attributing its cause to a glitch in their system.

Rage Bethesda

Last week, on Wednesday, Walmart’s leak of unannounced games set the internet ablaze with speculation. With the Electronics Entertainment Expo on the horizon, many gamers let themselves believe that the list was for impending announcements at the major media event. According to a recent statement from Walmart, however, the names are purely ‘speculative.’

“Walmart experienced a technical glitch that allowed certain items to be posted to our website for a short period of time,” said Anika Malik, director of corporate affairs for Walmart Canada. “The items posted were speculative in nature and only game publishers can confirm the announcement of a release. We apologize for any confusion this has caused. Like the gaming community, Walmart looks forward with anticipation to those announcements.”

Though Malik seems to imply that the major retail company has no special knowledge of upcoming games, the leak did solicit responses from Bethesda and its VP Pete Hines. Their hilarious twitter posts and the teases they’ve released since suggest Rage 2 may indeed be in the works. If you have yet to see the list of games posted by Walmart Canda, you can find them here. It is a mix of titles that we already anticipated, alongside a few surprises. There’s no telling which games are real and which are really ‘speculative’ as Walmart’s director has stated. Stay tuned form confirmation as times goes by. Until E3 and beyond,

Happy gaming.