Save Some Space: Wolfenstein II File Size On Switch Revealed

Not As Big As The PS4 Version, But Still

It’s probably not a huge surprise, but Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is going to take up a fair bit of room on your Nintendo Switch. At 23 GB, you’ll want to either clear out your Switch’s hard drive or maybe look into a good SD card.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Top

Granted, this is still only half the size of the PS4 version. Which is pretty dang impressive! Bethesda has really outdone themselves when it comes to this port. Who else could so effectively squish such a huge game into something so manageable?

The New Colossus is just the latest in a long line of Nintendo Switch games that make a pretty good argument for the acquisition of a proper SD card. Thankfully, Nintendo was kind enough not to bottleneck players into needing some ridiculous proprietary hardware. While there’s a few cheap cards you want to avoid, for the most part whatever you pick up is going to work. It’s a pleasant change of pace from say, the PS Vita, that needed those Sony-brand monstrosities you couldn’t possibly afford. If this game is anything like DOOM on the Switch, this should be a perfectly respectable place to play the game for the first time when it launches on June 29th.