As It Turns Out, Days Gone Will Have No Difficulty Setting

Sie Bend Wants Their Game to Be a Challenge

In a bizarre turn of the screw, it looks like PS4 exclusive Days Gone will forego a basic feature we find in all single-player games. With the flood of information we received this week and last, the biggest surprise has to be that Days Gone has no difficulty setting.

Days Gone Top Screen (1280x720)

The latest information comes from SIE Bend’s Jeff Ross, who spoke to GameInformer.  According to Ross, the implementation of an easy mode in Days Gone would hamper the studio’s design. “The game itself is already pretty hard,” he said. “It’s not very good when it’s easy. It’s a way more exciting game [when it’s hard], it’s a lot of fun, and it kind of speaks to the fantasy of the apocalypse by being a challenge. We give too much away for free by having an easy mode.”

It looks like part of the charm from Days Gone will stem from player encounters in dour circumstances. Perhaps, if it’s too easy, the experience would end rather quickly and without players discovering aspects that require a little more ingenuity. That’s just a guess. If someone hopes to play Days Gone just for the story, their narrative exploits are liable to sour. Accessibility is pivotal for many games, and without catering to individual skill levels, there’s no telling how many prospective PS4 owners and zombie enthusiasts might shy away from the IP. However, Dark Souls is a thing, and it’s done pretty well by sticking to its guns. Perhaps the conviction of Sony Bend will pay off in the long run. More importantly, trophy hunters won’t have to worry about completing ultra-hard difficulty settings to Platinum the game.

Days Gone is an open-world game that lets players roam a post-apocalyptic setting. You play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter biker dispatching ‘Freakers,’ humans, and other strange beasts along the way. Stay tuned for updates as we tread closer to the 2019 release window.