Playstation Studios’ Curator Page Officially Unveiled on Steam Store

Porting It Over

Although PC gamers consider PC the ‘masterrace’ of gaming, and quite rightly so, the system has historically, consistently and unfortunately been starved of the top-notch exclusives that Playstation and Xbox fans have come to enjoy over the past few decades, such as Halo, God of War and more. However, recently, Microsoft in particular has adopted an approach of bringing Xbox exclusives over to the PC market with entries such as Gears of War, Halo and simply using the Xbox Game Pass to facilitate simultaneous releases on both platforms. Sony, however, have been a bit more hesitant in doing so, but progress is slowly being made to the joy of PC gamers and with the release of Playstation Studios’ Curator Page on the Steam Store, the progress has been cemented and is hopefully limitless.

Playstation Studios is the home of video game development for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s immersive and exceptional games including some of the most critically acclaimed in video game history. As of yesterday, the page has been unveiled on the Steam Store and currently has four games available namely Horizon Zero Dawn, Predator: Hunting Ground, Helldivers and the upcoming port of Days Gone. The store also includes all the relevant DLC content and additional content for the games. Essentially, fans are given the full experience once the game is ported over to PC.

This experiment commenced and gained great success from the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC as it was highly praised and sold over 700,000 copies, which represented a strong start for Playstation games on the PC. As a result, it is unsurprising that Playstation has seen the potential for games on PC and that PC gamers appreciate great games. Therefore, the question becomes, where is the end point? What is the next major game that will be ported across? Will it be Bloodborne? Can it ever be God of War? Will Sony adopt a similar approach as Microsoft?

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