Rocksteady Superman Game Reveal Rumored for E3

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s Yet Another E3 Rumor!

According to a recent 4Chan post, we may be getting our first look at Rocksteady’s long-rumored Superman game.


Naturally, take this with a grain of salt, as it is 4chan. As per the above image, the 4chan user states that the Superman game will be announced during Microsoft’s conference running on an Xbox One X. The reveal trailer will feature an assault by classic Superman foe Brainiac on the city of Metropolis and the Man of Steel himself taking on some enemy drones in a weakened state. The user also alleges that is currently unavailable, but will be active after the reveal.

Another 4chan user in the same thread was kind enough to link to the whois.domaintools record for said website, which shows that the IP was most recently updated February 4th of this year.

Along with this comes the rumor that the title will be the next Game Informer cover, which executive editor Andrew Reiner has lent some credence to by responding to a fan tweeted image of Superman with “Needs a new cape.” A similar rumor was debunked in November 2017.

Are you looking forward to a new Superman game? What do you think the odds of it sharing a universe with Rocksteady’s own Batman games are? Let us know in the comments! While you wait for the reveal, check out our recent coverage of the new Devil May Cry 5 leaks, and how Fallout 76 will be keeping true to the franchise’s roots.