PUBG Offers Free, Super Grindy Alternative to Event Pass

A Scant 200 Hours Will Earn You Those $10 Worth Of Rewards

PUBG recently introduced an Event Pass that went over about as well as you would expect. People loathed this thing like it was crashing on their couch without paying rent, so the developers introduced a free alternative to spending even more money on the game. There is a catch, of course.

Miramar PUBG Desert Map

The Event Pass gives you access to season-specific items which you can only acquire during the season in question. If you’ve no tolerance for such things, you can earn them for free just by playing the game. For six to eight hours a day. For the entire season. This isn’t in the Sanhok FAQ or anything, though a dedicated Redditor did suss this out shortly after the announcement was made.

While fan outcry over minor changes is nothing new, I feel like this instance is extra justified. PUBG is a fun game with a few problems, many of which have allegedly been solved by their competitors (I have more of an observer’s interest in Battle Royale games). To add this essentially unavoidable $10 charge to your new content is extra unpleasant when the fiction of choice is included with it. Although I’m certain that some people will have no problem unlocking all of this season’s content without paying a dime beyond the price of the base game. If you’re already playing PUBG for several hours a day, doing so to unlock some limited time items is likely a negligible price to pay.