Prey Update, Mooncrash and Typhon Hunter DLC Announced

Fly Me to The Moon, And Let Me Prey Among the Stars

Arkane Studio’s Prey was a personal favorite from 2017’s stellar games lineup, and over a year after it’s release, the game is finally receiving its first set of extra content.

Firstly, an update tonight will add three new modes including Story Mode for players who want to explore Talos 1 casually and dive deeper into the game’s narrative elements. Veteran mode will test the skill of players looking for more of a challenge, and New Game + is exactly what it sounds like.

Also available now is the Mooncrash DLC, which will put players in the moon boots of a hacker working for TranStar rival KASMA Corp tasked with finding out why his competitor’s secret moon base stopped sending out messages. The add-on sports roguelike elements and is apparently “infinitely replayable,” switching up enemies and level design on each playthrough. It’ll run you $19.99 USD, or can be found in the new Prey: Digital Deluxe edition which is $39.99 USD (I would personally strongly suggest getting this package if you haven’t played the game at all yet).

Prey Mooncrash DLC

Prey Mooncrash DLC

Lastly, a new 5v1 mode called Typhon Hunter is set to drop later this summer, wherein one player assumes the role of an unfortunate TranStar employee pitted against five other players playing as mimics who, just like in the base game, can hide themselves as just about any object around them. The mode will also be coming to VR along with a puzzle based story mode, and will be free to anyone who purchases Mooncrash.

Are you gonna be picking up the new Prey DLC? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out all our latest E3 coverage including the reveal teaser for the new DOOM, and a new add-on for Wolfenstein 2!