Giulietta Zawadzki From Manchester, England is a Superb and Sexy Cosplayer

The Gorgeous Cosplay of Giulietta Zawadzki

Every week we showcase another cosplayer, or group of cosplayers, for our readers to enjoy. Over the past month, we’ve spotlighted the luscious¬†Anissa Cosplay, cosplay from Anime North 2018, and a music video from the London Comic Con 2018. This week, we’re turning our spotlight on to the gorgeous cosplay of Giulietta Zawadzki, a cosplayer from Manchester, England. Giulietta has a degree in Fine Arts and which has given her the tools to design and build her own cosplays. Let’s take a look at some of her impressive portfolio. We start with a video of Giulietta as Red Sonja at the Etna Comics 2017.

Now let’s change gears and check out her Lara Croft look.

Giulietta Zawadzki - COSPLAY - Lara Croft 03 - Article Prime-min


Giulietta Zawadzki - COSPLAY - Lara Croft 05-min

Giulietta Zawadzki - COSPLAY - Lara Croft 02-min


Giulietta Zawadzki - COSPLAY - Lara Croft 04-min


Giulietta Zawadzki - COSPLAY - Lara Croft-min

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