Presenting the Powerfully Luscious Collection of Anissa Cosplay

From Dragon Age to League of Legends, Here’s Anni the Duck

Welcome back, cosplay friends. Another week brings another showcase of luscious beauty inspired by geek culture. Today, we bring you the elegant wardrobe of Anissa Cosplay. Anissa, who likes to go by “Anni the Duck,” is a model talent straight out of Germany, and that’s about all we know. Information regarding her background is rather elusive,—perhaps because she prefers it that way—and that’s probably because none of us speak German. From Dragon Age to League of Legends, she brings a stunning cosplay portfolio, and she nails every single character.

Anissa Cosplay

Easily, one of the best Morrigans I’ve ever seen.

Which is why I had to include at least two images. Dragon Age is Great.

You don’t need to know Jaina to know this is pure magic.

It’s never too late to get into the Fate series.

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