Phil Spencer Is Promising 15 Exciting Game Announcements

We’ll Know the Names of These Games Very Soon

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer is a hype man of hype men, and he knows how to build Excitement for E3. We’re just hours away from the Microsoft press conference, with little knowledge of what’s in store, but Spencer has jampacked agenda. According to the chief, there will be 15 game debuts, so let the speculation run wild.

Phil Spencer Project Scorpio

With Microsoft’s arsenal of IPs, there’s a wide range of genres we could witness on Microsoft’s show floor. ForzaGears of WarHalo, and even Fable seem like likely candidates. Moreover, there’s the possibility of our seeing Cyberpunk 2077 today. Rumors have cornered developer CD Projekt RED and suggest their likely appearance on Microsoft’s stage. The Polish developer has been silent about their E3 presence, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from suggesting they have a partnership with Microsoft. This may be due to the fact that the devs and Microsoft have a history going as far back as the launch of Witcher 2 on Xbox 260. Therefore, a console exclusive deal seems plausible.

No matter the outcome, Microsoft and Phil Spencer are telling us it’s going to be a great show. They’ll have the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is in a few hours. Simply tune in to the stream at PM PT / 4 PM ET on Sunday (today), June 10th. Even if you miss something, know that COGconnected will be listing the news and additional info as it comes.