Super Smash Bros Was the Favorite Topic at E3 – Here’s the Order

Social Media Insights Reveal the Queen Bees of E3

According to the social media platform’s insights, Twitter was definitely a hotbed of Super Smash Bros conversation. Nintendo ignited the most conversation during an expo that seemed like anyone’s game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch

Revealed via, every single publisher dominated social media buzz during their respective presentations, but most tweeters wanted to talk about Super Smash Bros. There was a strange dissonance between the fanbase and the business side of things, however. During the Nintendo Direct, the company’s share prices fell 16%. Curious. But, all in all, the video presentation invited the highest surge of (yes, it was counted) 890,000 tweets. Twitter went so far as to measure which conference generated the most “excitement.” While I have no idea how this is done, Nintendo seemingly generated the most enthusiasm for its conference. Xbox was a close 2nd.

In measuring which individual games garnered the most attention during E3 2018, Twitter statistics get a little more interesting. Again, the top of the list was reserved for Super Smash Bros. After that, the list broadens to include Kingdom Hearts 3, Fallout 76, The Last of Us 2, and Death Stranding in that order. Deduce what you will with that information. Twitter statistics went a step further and calculated the single moments that generated the most buzz. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the announcement of Super Smash Bros got most people talking, followed by the reveal of playable Metroid villain Ridley, followed by the announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI.

E3 2018 was monumental for many reasons, but this news helps place the highlights into perspective. What are your thoughts on Twitter’s insights? Let us know in the comments below.