Rend Starting Public Alpha Test Phase

Slightly Earlier Access, If You Will

Rend is an upcoming survival game of Us vs Them vs the demonic hordes. If you haven’t heard much about it, that’s because no one has been able to talk about it much. Until now! The game is moving into its public alpha phase right this second.

Rend Public Alpha

Rather than launch right into early access, Rend is starting out in a more prototypical phase, in order to maximize feedback potential. This means bugs aplenty, but it also means you’ve got a real shot at influencing which direction Rend takes in the future. Also it sounds pretty fun? Assuming you’re down with some good old faction-based warfare.

To be more specific, you choose one of three sides and work to ensure their victory in the constant struggles that lie ahead. Whether you’re defending from the other factions or the armies of the howling damned, there will be a lot of desperate fighting involved. And some base building! Which of course leads to base destruction and raids. Don’t forget the robust crafting tree that comes with any survival game worthy of the genre tag. There’s a pre-alpha gameplay trailer embedded below that gives you a good idea of the aesthetic at work. You can sign up for the public alpha here.

SOURCE: Press Release