Brendan Greene Is Dreading Making His Next Title Following Success of PUBG

PUBG Creator Is Dreading His Next Project

There is no doubt that PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is one of the biggest games in the industry right now, as well as one of the games in the forefront of the Battle Royale genre. With a game so big it begs the question: what does PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, think about the future? He recently answered this question and it may not be the reaction you thought.

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Like other developers in the industry Brendan Greene faces a large amount of pressure to make his next game as good as PUBG, and as you can imagine it seems this is a thought that runs through his mind often. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine he was asked about his next game to which Greene said, “Yeah, I am dreading my next game, because it’s PlayerUnknown’s Next Game. And there’s going to be eyes on it. No matter what I do, there’s going to be a lot of critics going, ‘Well, it’s no PUBG.’ And I’ve accepted that. I am not going to make a game that’s going to get like, three million concurrent users, and tens of millions of players every month. But I’m not aiming to make that. I want to make a game I want to play, and if other people want to play it, that’s fantastic. But ultimately, if they don’t, I’ll still have a game that I can play. So that’s my outlook: I’m probably going to get shit on, but that’s okay.”

While Brendan Greene didn’t share any details about what he’s currently working on, it could be completely different from PUBG, at least if past developer trends are anything to go by. He also didn’t mention whether he’s already started working on his next project or whether he’s still hard at work trying to make PUBG better. As such, there isn’t any kind of time frame for when we could expect an announcement. Fingers crossed that we might get some details at E3 this year.

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