Bike to Glory with Pro Cycling Manager 2018

Pedal to Eternal Fame

Video games can simulate more or less anything, including things you never thought to reproduce in the digital space. Including the management of professional sports teams! You can guide a squad of cyclists to glory with Pro Cycling Manager 2018 this June.

Pro Cycling Manager 2018

Okay, so this actually two different games, depending on whether you play on console or PC. The PC version, Pro Cycling Manager 2018, has you guiding a team to victory. You handle the hiring, the contract negotiations, the training, the race scheduling and the sponsors. PS4 and Xbox One players have Tour de France 2018. Here, you cycle the Tour de France. Also, you can make a rider and guide them to the peak of their career in Pro Leader mode.

So, depending on which aspect of the simulation appeals to you more, you’ll want to grab either the console or the PC version. Personally, I’d rather race than simulate. Whichever way you land, Pro Cycling Manger/Tour de France 2018 will be out on June 28th, 2018.

SOURCE: Press Release