Battlefield V Won’t Have Lootboxes

No Lootboxes Required

Battlefield V, EA DICE’s upcoming WW2 FPS, won’t have lootboxes, according to an EA spokesperson. Instead, any microtransactions in the game will only deal with cosmetics. This means that gameplay unlocks can’t be purchased and can only be obtained through playing the game.

However, this isn’t all that’s known about real-money microtransactions in Battlefield V. “More information will be provided at a later date about potential real-money transactions in Battlefield V,” the spokesperson reportedly told Polygon.

Even though their CEO said earlier this month that they’d be “pushing forward” with the controversial feature in FIFA 18, EA seems to have acknowledged that including lootboxes and other microtransactions in their other games just isn’t a good idea.

There’s also the fact that lootboxes are currently illegal in two major European countries.

In their last major FPS release, Star Wars: Battlefront II, EA went as far as temporarily removing microtransactions altogether. When microtransactions came back to Battlefront II, they were re-designed to only be cosmetic unlocks.

With all that said, it seems like not putting in such an unpopular feature in your upcoming game is a pretty smart move!

The standard edition of Battlefield V is scheduled to come out on October 19th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One but the Deluxe Edition will launch on the 16th. Also, if you have EA Access or Origin Access then you’ll be able to play an early trial version eight days earlier.