New Sea of Thieves Patch Fixes Many Bugs and Adds Some New Features

The 1.0.5 Patch for Sea of Thieves Isn’t Large But Still Includes Lots of Fixes!

The most recent patch for Sea of Thieves, a swashbuckling open-world multiplayer pirate game, fixes a ton of bugs and adds a few minor updates to the game such as user interface improvements. The file sizes for the patch are 1.36 GB on Xbox One and 1.95 GB on PC.

sea of thieves

Here’s a list of those new updates:

  • New Message from Beyond – The Ferryman was unhappy with the text that had been written describing how to ‘Scuttle’ a ship, so he made them write a better version – and then walk the plank.
  • Reload! – Adjusted position of the Ammo Crates on both ships, so they are easier to interact with.
  • Play the next song! – Players will no longer play the same shanty twice in a row.
  • UI Improvements – Images in the Vanity & Clothing Chests now load gracefully when browsing. In addition all UI screens now fade in when opened – Fancy!

The patch also fixes many Sea of Thieves bugs such as fixing an issue where ships would launch into the air and animals and skeletons despawning whenever players entered and exited cannons.

Multiple server crashes have also been fixed though the patch’s changelog states that further “improvements and optimizations for all platforms are ongoing.”

Sea of Thieves is out now for the Xbox One and PC. Our review of the game is also available.