Sea of Thieves Comic Collection Release Date and Cover Revealed

Sea of Thieves Comic Collection Hits North America Later This Year

The release date and cover of the Sea of Thieves Comic Collection has been revealed on its Amazon product page. The compilation can be preordered from Titan Comics here.

The comics are being written by Jeremy Whitley (Princeless, Thor Vs. Hulk) and features art by Rhoald Marcellius (The Incredible Hulks, Warren Ellis’ Supergod). They are based on the Sea of Thieves game that is set for release on March 20, 2018 for the PC and Xbox One.

Here’s the product description.

“A gripping, uproarious, and humorous epic pirate adventure!

Follow a crew of adventuring pirates as they sail the Sea of Thieves! Voyaging to far islands in search of legendary buried treasure, our heroes (or villains, depending on how you look at things) will face rival thieves, the wrath of undead hordes guarding their riches, and the worst that the vast sea has to offer! Can they work together to survive long enough to cash in their reward? Or will they end up as ghosts on the Ferry of the Damned…?”

It sounds similar to the game, which throws players into an open world via a pirate ship and gives them the opportunity to complete quests, collect loot, and wage war on other players. As a shared game world, groups of players will encounter other groups regularly. And the game’s cartoony art style is perfect for a comic book adaptation.

“The game has been in development for about two or three years, and when I joined just over a year ago, the one thing that was instilled in me was that Sea of Thieves is about building a shared world where every time you play you have a different story, a different adventure,” said Ted Timmins, Rare’s lead designer.

The Sea of Thieves Comic Collection is set for release on September 18 in North America.