According to Steam, Literally No One is Playing LawBreakers on PC Anymore

Player Count for LawBreakers Has Officially Hit Zero on the PC

LawBreakers was released in August of last year, however it just hasn’t managed to gain the success it was destined for. Despite a fairly positive reception at release, the game just hasn’t managed to stir up a solid player base. In fact, according to Steam, no one on PC is even playing the game anymore!


Yes, you read that right! According to the latest data from Steam Charts, the player count for LawBreakers dropped to zero between the hours of 5pm PST/ 8 pm EST to 9 pm PST/12 am EST on January 10th. You might assume this was due to some kind of maintenance or downtime, however there isn’t any evidence to point to that being the case here. There is no mention of it on any social media or game forums. You can find the player count dip below.

steam chart lawbreakers

Of course, with the player base dwindling for the last few months, this was bound to happen at some point. It’s definitely hard to play a game your interested in when it becomes difficult to find lobbies. This all time low comes on the heels of the recent announcement by Nexon, the publisher of LawBreakers. Nexon recently blamed PUBG as the reason their game never quite got off the ground. LawBreakers is a unique FPS developed for core users. We had very high expectations for its launch, however, the timing of its launch turned out to be unfortunate, specifically the blockbuster PC online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came out right about the same time, making the market environment very tough for first-person shooters in general and for LawBreakers.”

It’s not clear at this point what will happen to LawBreakers, as Nexon has expressed their disappointment with the game’s performance. With various drops in the price since launch, it’s likely many are waiting for a free-to-play announcement. Maybe, even an even larger price drop. At any rate, something needs to be done in order to keep the game alive.

Are you disappointed that LawBreakers may be at the end of the road? Is there anything that Nexon could do to renew interest in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!