DONTNOD’s Vampyr Is Getting a Four-Part Web Series

How Monsters are Made

Focus Home Interactive is preparing for the arrival of DONTNOD’s horror RPG, Vampyr, and they’re doing it through the announcement of a four-part web series. The game was recently delayed so that devs could deliver their preferred level of polish; in the meantime, we’ll be treated to an in-depth look at the design of this new IP.

Vampyr is a pretty massive project from DONTNOD as part of their gambit in developing the game is making every player choice meaningful. This is all the more difficult since players step in the shoes of an urban predator who must feed on people. Part of the developer’s web series will dive into the implementation of so many player choices.

Missed at E3 Vampyr

But there will be much more – Vampyr’s world is based on real locations and is infused with supernatural elements. As such, there’s great nuance to the game design, plenty of monsters, and a lot to learn. And it starts with Episode 1: Making Monsters, on January 18. The subject of every episode can be found below, and we suspect dates will arrive as time goes by:

  • Episode I: Making Monsters
  • Episode II: Architects of the Obscure
  • Episode III: Human After All
  • Episode IV: Stories from the Dark

Vampyr is scheduled to arrive for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 in Spring 2018. Check back for new info from DONTNOD and Focus Home Interactive.

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SOURCE: Press Release