Press X To Podcast: Episode 2 – Big Sausage Digits

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast: Episode 2

Welcome once again COG listeners, video game enthusiasts, and talk show junkies, we bring you the latest episode of COGconnected’s Press X To Podcast!

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Join us once again as Paul Sullivan, Trevor Houston, and Shawn Petraschuk discuss some of the latest topics in the video game industry such as Nintendo’s latest Direct announcements and the risks Nintendo needs to take to keep themselves in the game, the return of the Duke controller on Xbox One, and the latest controversy surrounding David Cage of Quantic Dreams.

What is the current state of LawBreakers? What can EA do to fix the mess they left on the rug of 2017 with their major franchises? Does Shawn enjoy not wearing pants at his new job? Give us a listen below and find out the answer to these questions and many many more!

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