Today Only, You Can Buy the Evil Within 2 for $20 and Save Big

Not a Bad Deal for a Great Single-Player Experience

A good deal is a good deal and The Evil Within 2 was a worthwhile game even before today. Now, it has been severely discounted from its $60 price tag. As of today, you can purchase the thrilling horror game for no more than $19.99. A measly $19.99 on Amazon.

The Evil Within 2

In our review, we categorized The Evil Within 2 as a nail-biting and intense thrill ride. With the game at $20, you can use that extra $40 for any number of things. There’s food, gas, bills, or things you don’t need in order to live. The possibilities are endless…with $40. Even during Black Friday and the holidays, the game never fell to such a low, low price. Hence, now may be the best day to purchase another of Bethesda’s single-player experiences.

The Evil Within 2 is discounted and available for all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Simply follow the links for their respective Amazon pages. You have until the end of today, January 18th, to take advantage of the savings. On a related note: Since Bethesda and Nintendo have established such an amicable relationship, we may see it on the Switch one day. Maybe…

Stay tuned for updates on great single-player games and deals as time goes by. Happy freaken saving.