Thirty Second Teaser Had Better Be Bloodborne 2

Tell Us, Tell Us, Tell Us

Among the teasers displayed tonight was a very, very short thirty second clip courtesy of From Software. What was it, you may ask? They didn’t say. Of course they didn’t. There’s no chance of us getting what we want, although the tiny clip did come with a single phrase: “Shadows die twice.” Is this in reference to the aforementioned game? Or is this like, the title of said game? Is it Bloodborne 2? Could it be that, please?

From Software Bloodborne 2 Tease

Either way, we’ve got absolutely nothing to go on beyond a really sinister image evoking some serious torture. Also, “twice” is a great way to reference a second installment in a series. Say, a series like Bloodborne. No, there’s no evidence to support this. But, I really want this to be Bloodborne 2. Anyway, here’s the video in question.