Bethesda Takes a Shot at EA With ‘Save the Single-Player Gamer’ at The Game Awards

Bethesda to ‘Save’ the Single-Player Gamer at The Game Awards

At The Game Awards, Bethesda premiered a wry, self-aware video starring Lynda Carter who calls on viewers to “save” the single-player gamer who so desperately craves the experiences that Bethesda just so happens to produce. The video seemingly takes a shot at EA’s decision to shut down Visceral Games and ultimately their Star Wars game.

You can view it here:

While Bethesda and its family of studios produce and publish a wide array of games (including some of the pioneering games in the multiplayer and esports space), single-player games are a big part of the Company’s DNA and will continue to be as they work to develop and publish narrative-driven single-player games in the future. To celebrate the single-player gamer, Bethesda is running a sale this weekend across its current catalog of single-player games with prices up to 50% off digitally, as well as at select retailers.


And in an effort to support future game development, the publisher will also be making a donation of $100,000 to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships to the next generation of industry innovators. Perhaps one of these future developers will make a single-player game that you’ll love too. For more information, or to download the application, visit

For more information on #SavePlayer1 campaign, please visit

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