Experience Peak Golf with The Golf Club 2, Out Today

Live Out All Your Golf-Related Dreams With The Golf Club 2 

HB Studios and Maximum Games have released The Golf Club 2 today. Anyone out there craving some hot, nasty golf action need look no further than this ridiculously detailed golf sim. Whether you stay awake at night dreaming of being Tiger Woods or an obsessive-compulsive groundskeeper, this game has got you covered.

The Golf Club 2 featured

Where other golf franchises focus on wacky mechanics or glitzy career arcs or even frogs, HB Studios’ golf game is all about that realism. You can practically smell the freshly-cut… grass? Green? Yes, that will do. The freshly-cut green. There’s an entire system dedicated to creating and showcasing courses, with upwards of a hundred thousand of them to choose from. A truly fanatical golf gamer could be at this for the rest of their lives, were they so inclined. Still need convincing? Check out our review!

If you’ve no interest in fraternizing with fellow golfers, there’s still a proper single-player career mode to enjoy. Really though, it’d be a waste to pass on all that user-generated content. And if you feel the sudden urge to build a golf course from the ground up, know that you can customize basically everything about it. You can even drum up your own tournaments! Players from around the world could sign up to compete in and win the ‘St. Thomas ButtCannon Open.’ Just think of the trophies you could make. The Golf Club 2 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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