Xbox Holding out on Major Marketing Campaign for E3 2017 – Rumor

Will E3 2017 Bring a Hidden Xbox IP?

Considering the number of PS4 exclusives released so far this year, Xbox is looking minimal by comparison. There’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, NiOh, Yakuza 0, Persona 5 you get the picture. And because Xbox exclusives have been so sparse, the company has reassured fans of more, better content coming to E3 2017.

Xbox One Logo

This may be truer than expected since industry insider shinobi602 sent out this tweet:

No doubt, news of an unannounced title(s) is what Xbox One owners have been hoping for. However, it is uncertain whether this will be a first-party game or simply a game Microsoft has marketing rights for. Just as Sony has exclusive marketing for Destiny, another third-party title may arise for Xbox. As a result, Xbox One players will get timed exclusivity. Which would still be odd, considering that Phil Spencer seems against timed exclusivity.

We’ll learn more at E3 2017, where Xbox will unveil the Scorpio and more first-party content. How much more? No telling. But Crackdown 3 is a guarantee.

Let us know your thoughts and what you suspect Xbox may have up their sleeve. Do you think they will reveal new IPs at E3 2017? Comment down below.