Endless Space 2 Sprouts Fan Made Race the Unfallen

Endless Space Adds Tree Like Playable Race the Unfallen Just over a Week Before Launch

With a little over one week till launch, Endless Space 2 has announced a huge surprise, The Unfallen: a new playable race designed, step-by-step, by the fans! New to Endless Space 2, The Unfallen are a race of peaceful, mighty tree-like people, long since dormant on their home world. Expanding on the “tree” motif, the Unfallen will play best as a race that slowly expands outward from their homeworld, much like the roots of a tree. Peaceful in nature, The Unfallen are sure to have a mighty defense against their enemies.

The Unfallen are also said to have the ability to awaken the Guardians, giant beings who rest on the top of mountains. When summoned they provide bonus’s for the Unfallen and their allies, while simultaneously delivering penalties to their enemies. Designed in gradual steps through Amplitude Studio’s “Games2Gether” program, fans of the series worked together with the studio to focus on specific aspects of this new race including aesthetics, mechanics, and the narrative of their story. The process of their hard work can be seen here.

The Unfallen Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 is a highly anticipated 4X game from Amplitude Studios. We recently had a chance to take a look at the stellar experience, noting it’s slick graphics, rich storylines, unique races, and in-depth management of government. For more on what Endless Space 2 has to offer, and the Games2Gether program, you can check out Amplitude Studios official website here.

Endless Space 2 is set for launch on PC May19th

Source: Press Release